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Squid is simply delicious, but who knew that such a small little creature of the ocean could hold such wonderful health benefits for our diet as it is loaded in the Vitamin B’s:

Vitamin B2: The plentiful quantities of Vitamin B2 found in squid can lower migraines. 

Vitamin B3: This fabulous vitamin helps to stabilise sugar levels in the blood.

Vitamin B12: Here’s to a healthy heart with Vitamin B12 (riboflavin), which is known to lower homocysteine levels in the body, preventing the rate of strokes and heart attacks. 
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So here is a simple recipe to quickly pan fry all these fabulous Vitamin B’s into a delicious lunch or dinner! Enjoy.



Cajun Pan Fried Calamari

A really quick and easy recipe to get in all those wonderful Vitamin B's.

Cook Time

5 min


  1. Squid Tubes and Tenticles (cleaned) - I used 1 x 1kg pack from Greenfish Traders
  2. Butter
  3. Garlic
  4. Cajun Spice
  5. Salt & Pepper
  6. Lemon or Lemon Juice
  7. Sushi Mayonnaise or tartar sauce


  1. Heat a dry pan on the stove at high heat
  2. Pan fry the calamari for approx a minute or two to allow it to release any excess water
  3. Take the calamari off the heat, drain in a colander and set aside
  4. Pop a good helping of butter into your clean pan
  5. Add a good helping of garlic
  6. Throw the dry calamari back into the pan
  7. Add some cajun spice and salt & pepper
  8. Fry in the spices for approx 3-5 minutes
  9. Remove from the heat and squeeze some lemon juice over
  10. Enjoy with a touch of Sushi Mayonnaise or tartar sauce

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    I’m going to try the recipe now. I don’t have the cajun spice, am going to use paprika . I’ll let you know how it comes out

  • Roy G on

    I have done this and it was a big hit with the family. Thanks for the recipe

  • Cobus Kroese on

    I am going to try this today.
    Will let you know 👍

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