About us


We are a Cape Town based family run fishing business that services the restaurant, hospitality and wholesale industry with high quality, seasonal and locally sourced fish and seafood products. The COVID-19 lockdown kick-started our ambition to bring fresh fish directly from the ocean to anybody's home in under 24h. We now operate a direct delivery service in Cape Town.

Growing up as artisanal handline and tuna pole fisherman we have close ties to the ocean. Brothers Ryan and Andrew have more than 60 years' worth of combined fishing under their belt. We simply love all things FISH!

Our Promise 

Greenfish is proud to be a part of the global solution to overfishing by encouraging more sustainable seafood choices from responsibly managed legal sources that are environmentally sound.
 We commit to ensuring that all of our seafood offered will be sourced from legal fishing operations and traceable back to its point of origin. Every single package includes information about the species, origin, and production method (fishing gear used, or wild-caught/farmed). 

We deliver a fresh passionate product with knowledge of its origin.

For wholesale and more information on our trading division, please visit wholesale.greenfish.co.za.



Don’t know how to cook yummy fish? Discover easy recipes done by our partner fishwife. Their site includes recipes for all the fish and seafood found in our delivery boxes.


Discover these great recipes and more at fishwife.co.za.