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This sweet and salty marlin recipe is a must!  The marinade can be applied to most firm white fish and can be used as a braai marinade as well.


Garlic Soy Marlin Steaks

Serves 2

Prep Time

1 hr 4 min

Cook Time

6 min

Total Time

1 hr 10 min


  1. 2 marlin steaks
  2. 1 tsp minced garlic
  3. 3 Tbsp butter (melted)
  4. 1 Tbsp soy sauce
  5. 3 tsp honey


  1. Combine the minced garlic, melted butter, soy sauce and honey in a jug
  2. Remove fish from packaging and pat dry
  3. Place fish in a marinading dish and pour marinade over the steaks
  4. Cover the dish with a lid or cling film and allow to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes
  5. Turn steaks over and allow to marinade for a further 30 minutes
  6. On a medium to high heat, pan fry the steaks for 3 minutes a side
  7. Scoop any extra marinade over the fish while it's cooking
  8. Remove from heat and allow to rest in a separate dish for 1 minute
  9. Serve immediately with your choice of sides


  1. If butter in the marinade solidifies at room temperature, be sure to smear it on top of the fish and constantly stir the marinade.

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  • Sea-Bear on

    This was a seriously delicious recipe! The sweet & sticky glaze gave the fish a fantastic flavor. I had no idea how to cook marlin before this! Thanks.

  • Dave Jarwood on

    What a great meal. Really simple to prepare – but delicious. Will definitely be repeating.

  • Andrew-Stuart on

    Was at the Sydney fish market looking for swordfish fillets, but was unable to find any. But then I saw marlin fillets which were roughly the same size. Had no idea how best to cook them, whether roast in the oven in foil with lemon slices, crumb them, batter them or pan fry them. Found this recipe and so glad I did! The marlin was absolutely delicious, especially the honey and soy combination. Will definitely be doing this recipe again. However next time, I will serve it to dinner guests to see if they like it as much as I did, instead of eating it alone…

  • Hungry Sloth on

    I’ve never cooked marlin before and found your recipe online. Decided to try it out and cooked it for my family. They loved it! Simple and easy to prepare but quite delicious. Thanks for sharing and I hope others give it a try too! Happy Holidays!

  • Blashko on

    One of the best receipts for fish that I have tried. Soo simple and soo amazing!!!!

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