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For this recipe Greenfish supplied us with some super tasty Silver Fish. You can prepare it as in our Crispy Skinned Fish Recipe before tackling the sauce I am about to cover here.


I was fortunate enough to have Chef James pass on some inspiration for this delicious sauce! I used his guidance in combination with our crispy skin fish fillets to come up with this recipe. Utilising fresh ginger, lemongrass and thyme in a reduced white wine sauce with some finishing touches of cream, it is simply to die for!

This sauce is very versatile and can be used on just about any white fish. The trick is to allow it enough time to reduce and simmer properly, enhancing all the delicious flavours.


Adding the cream at the end gives it a silky smooth texture and rich flavour.


Make sure you strain the sauce before serving to remove any bits and bobs.

Add some fresh asparagus and baby potatoes covered in Garlic and Parsley Butter (explained in our Crispy Skin Fish Fillet Recipe) and the meal is complete.


Chef James' Creamy White Wine Fish Sauce


  1. 2 Greenfish Silver Fish Fillets (prepared as in our Crispy Skinned Fish recipe)
  2. 1 Onion
  3. 2 Tbsp Clarified Butter (explained in our Crispy Skinned Fish Recipe)
  4. 1 Stick of Lemongrass (finely chopped)
  5. 1 Thumb of Ginger (grated)
  6. 1 tsp Garlic
  7. A handful of fresh Thyme
  8. 1 x Star Anise
  9. 250ml White Wine
  10. A few Fish Trimmings (from your fillets)
  11. 250ml Fish Stock (or chicken stock)
  12. 250ml Cream
  13. Serve with sides of Asparagus and Baby Potatoes


  1. FOR THE SAUCE: Slice up your onion and sweat it in your clarified butter until sweet and soft
  2. Add your lemongrass, ginger, garlic and thyme and allow all to sweat down and release aromas in the pan.
  3. Add your Star Anise, White Wine and Fish Trimmings to the pan.
  4. Reduce this sauce to approximately a quarter and then add the Fish Stock.
  5. Reduce again to approximately a quarter, keeping an eye on the reduction process and not allowing it to burn or catch in the pan.
  6. Add Cream and allow to simmer a little before straining.
  7. FOR SIDES: Blanch asparagus (3-4 minutes)
  8. Boil baby potatoes (8-10 minutes)
  9. Add the asparagus and baby potatoes to a pan and toss with a bit of the garlic, butter and parsley sauce (explained in our Crispy Skinned Fish Recipe).

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  • Kimberley David on

    What a wonderful recipe! Thank you so much for sharing your cooking recipes with all of us.

  • Lallie Pillay on

    Amazing recipes …fresh fish is a God send
    Battling to get fresh fish in CBD

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