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Smoked fish in salad or paté is quite simply delicious and really easy to do at home without having to go out and buy a smoker.  Here’s a quick method to create your own smoked fish at home.


  • A wide pot or pan with a lid that seals tightly
  • Tin foil
  • Wood chips or shavings
  • A wire rack to fit the base of the pot or pan


Line your pan with tinfoil (shiny side up).


Place your wood chips in the centre of the tinfoil.


Place your wire rack on top of the wood shavings.




Place your chosen fish fillets seasoned with salt and pepper on the wire rack (in the image I have used Greenfish Angel Fish fillets).  Make sure the wood chips are not touching the fish.



STEP 5: 

Place the pan on a high heat.  It will take approximately 5 minutes for the wood chips to start smoking.  Once smoking allow the fish to smoke for a further 10 – 15 minutes (you may wish to turn the heat down to medium here).  The fish is done when it has turned a lovely golden colour.  You may need to smoke for a bit longer if the fillets are thick.  


Remove from the pan and enjoy as is, in a salad or turn into a lovely paté!


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  • Douglas on

    Wow, I never knew it was so simple to smoke fish! Thanks for sharing

  • Patricia Ndalama on

    Very encouraging. I want to start a fish smoking business.

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