The Greenfish Tuna Tale: From Ocean Depths to Your Dinner Plate

Jeremy Yang tuna

Deep in the heart of the ocean, off the pristine shores of Cape Town, lies the incredible journey of our Greenfish tuna. A journey that starts with a single, powerful tug on our pole-and-line and culminates with the freshest, most delectable tuna gracing your plate.

Sourced with Passion

Every time the Greenfish team heads out into the rolling waters of the sea, we’re fueled by a singular mission: to bring you the absolute freshest tuna, caught ethically. Being a family-run seafood business since 2010, we've mastered the art and heart of sourcing tuna.

Crafted for Perfection

Our purpose-built 28ft Cape Craft, powered by dual 300hp Yamaha engines, is our vessel of choice. Its versatile deck layout ensures optimal fishing conditions, whether we're seeking tuna, snoek or yellowtail. This craft allows us to dance with the ocean, ensuring each catch embodies the spirit of Cape Town's waters.

More Than Just Fishing

We employ the ancient technique of Poling. Imagine a bamboo pole with a short line, and a skirted hook playfully skimming the water surface, simulating a bait fish. The tuna shoot up, their eyes fixed on the prize, only to be gently and ethically caught by our seasoned hands. The thrill of this one-on-one encounter is unparalleled – a genuine testament to man’s connection with the marine world.

An Oath to Freshness

Once onboard, each tuna receives our full attention. Using the traditional Japanese Ikejime method, Ikejime (or Ikijime) is a traditional Japanese method of dispatching fish to maintain the quality of its meat. This technique is especially revered in the context of preparing sashimi and sushi, including tuna. Ikejime not only results in a more humane death for the fish but also improves the texture and flavor of the fish meat by preventing the release of lactic acid and ammonia, which can degrade the taste.

Ikejime has gained recognition and respect outside of Japan too, especially among chefs and fishers who prioritise the quality and flavour of the fish meat. Although the technique requires some skill and practice, it results in superior fish meat that is both ethical and superior in taste.

Straight from Our Hands to Your Doorstep

From the vastness of the ocean to the buzzing energy of our factory, and finally to your home, the tuna you receive has been on an incredible journey. Handled exclusively by our team, we ensure that the fish remains in its freshest state, waiting to be transformed into a culinary masterpiece in your kitchen.

Pledge to the Ocean

Every time you indulge in Greenfish tuna, you’re not just savouring an exquisite piece of seafood. You’re part of a larger story – one of respect for our marine ecosystems, commitment to ethical fishing and a deep-rooted love for the ocean that has cradled our family business for over a decade.

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