Is Seafood Healthy for You? Here's 5 Reasons Why It Is.

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There is a common question often pondered upon - Is seafood actually healthy for you? The answer is a resounding yes, with numerous studies and health experts advocating for the inclusion of seafood in your diet. Let's explore why seafood should frequently grace your family table.


1. Nutritional Powerhouse

Seafood is renowned for being a top-quality source of protein, compared favourably with meat and chicken. Moreover, it is loaded with essential nutrients vital for daily functioning. It is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, iron and vitamins B and D. Facilitating strong bones, robust brain development and a healthy heart and immune system.

According to the Western Cape Government, it is encouraged to meet the general guideline of consuming 250-500mg of omega-3s EPA+DHA daily, a target that often needs to be met. Seafood stands tall as a rich source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D, eclipsing other food categories.


2. Promoting Family Unity

Bringing seafood to your family table is more than a nutritious choice; it is an initiative that fosters unity. Health experts advocate the lifelong benefits of family meals, with seafood offering a variety of options to please all palates, nourishing not just the body but the brain as well.


3. Quick and Easy to Prepare

Many are often deterred from preparing fish dishes due to perceived complexity, yet seafood is notably straightforward to cook, with numerous dishes taking less than 15 minutes to prepare. Ensuring it reaches an internal temperature between 60-63°C guarantees a safely cooked, delicious meal. Please take a look at our Fishwife Recipes [Add link to fishwife recipes] to help guide you with unique recipes from Greenfish and prepare to create some of the most delicious seafood to ever touch your palate. 


4. Versatility of Seafood

Whether you prefer your seafood fresh, frozen or canned, there's an abundance of choices available to suit every preference and budget. When buying fresh, endeavour to consume it within one to two days. Frozen seafood retains its nutritional integrity thanks to modern flash-frozen technologies and provides a budget-friendly choice for families. Greenfish follows strict guidelines to ensure our frozen seafood is as nutritious as the day it was caught!


5. Delicious and Adaptable to Various Cuisines

Beyond its numerous health benefits, seafood is delicious, with a range of flavours from sweet and delicate to strong. Its versatility allows it to take centre stage in a variety of dishes, adaptable to a myriad of cuisines. Enhancing seafood with different herbs and spices can elevate your family meals to gourmet standards. Greenfish also offers seafood that is kosher-friendly [Add link to kosher blog] and halaal-friendly [Add link to halaal blog] for our Jewish and Muslim customers. Please contact us for our selection of fish to suit your dietary needs!


The answer to whether seafood is healthy for you is unequivocally yes. Rich in vital nutrients and offering remarkable health benefits, including a reduced risk of death from health-related issues by 17% when consumed twice a week, it's a choice that promotes not only physical well-being but also family unity and culinary delight. Make a point of including seafood in your family's diet and relish the bounty of benefits it offers.

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