Adoption of the 'passion'

Jesica Theart

I started working at Greenfish on the 1st of October 2019. I was looking for a new adventure from my previous work. I called Ryan, asking if he had a position open for me. Originally, he said, "Not now." Not long after, I received a call to come and have a chat with Ryan on the 17th of September 2019. On the 18th of September 2019, I called Ryan back to say yes, I am ready. My journey at Greenfish has been interesting, to say the least. From a mindset of smelly/slimy fish to, I would not change my job for the world after being here for 4 years, now in 2023.


I am the sales lady at Greenfish. I have had to learn a lot about the fish industry and keep the amazing relationships that Ryan created going and strong. Greenfish has an amazing reputation, and I will uphold the good name as best as I can. I, as a woman who works in the fish industry, have had to manage many challenges, and jump through many hoops to become the strong woman I am today. I was taught by the best and was led by the best leader. I have become a soldier at Greenfish because I have big shoes to fill and have become very dependent on my leader's confidence.


The fishing industry is very cutthroat, and the challenge is to stay afloat and be aware of what is happening with market-related pricing and dynamics. I believe we, as women, do well in the fishing industry because of the determination to excel and to always be known as the best in our own company. We have been taught how to adapt and develop the passion that our leader has for fishing and the fishing industry. The amount of passion that we see and live daily inside the factory and offices is out of this world. To see someone, live for anything fishing is very heartwarming.


Sometimes, on a busy day when we have collected a load of fish from the boats, the excitement to see it and move it to the restaurants and home end-users is crazy. To watch our amazing staff, operate downstairs in the factory is like clockwork. To watch each department, take control and move the fish around through the processing flow in the factory until it is ready to leave is goosebumps-inducing. The love I have for the Greenfish team is the best feeling ever. They are so much a part of my family that even my daughter wants to come to the factory to see and talk to the staff. The love for each person and family member is moving.


Greenfish is my life, and I see it no other way. I have learned to achieve so much in a short space of time, as well as the passion is so ingrained in me now that it's natural. The positivity that I put into my job is passed back to me in reviews and calls from happy customers. There is no better reward than knowing that the customer feels I went the extra mile to make them happy and have the best and freshest fish for their next meal. I take that as a massive compliment.


Greenfish is a very rewarding company to be in. 

Written By Gabi.

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