The Journey Of Greenfish's Salmon - Ethically Sourced and Ethically Prepared

Jeremy Yang salmon

Pioneering Organic Standards in Salmon Farming

When one imagines organic standards, it’s usually farm-grown crops or livestock that come to mind. However, the organic movement has embraced the aquatic realm, ensuring that our seafood meets the same stringent criteria that govern organic produce. Under the EU's watchful eye, organic salmon farming has come to the fore.

For salmon to be awarded the organic badge, the journey starts from its inception. Greenfish's commitment to EU regulations ensures that every step - from breeding to harvesting and processing - meets the most rigorous standards, encompassing farm size, feed quality, and potential environmental impact.

Norwegian Salmon: A Symphony of Quality and Ethical Farming

Norwegian fjords, synonymous with stunning landscapes, are also home to the rich and flavorful salmon Greenfish offers. These fjords, characterised by their cold, pristine waters, serve as perfect habitats for salmon farming. Here, the salmon swim freely, their growth unhindered by artificial accelerants, reaching maturity organically over 12-18 months.

Our salmon farms ensure a healthy living environment for the fish, with an impressive 97.5% water to 2.5% salmon ratio, meaning each fish has ample space, reducing stress and disease spread. The absence of routine antibiotics and a diet constituting 70% vegetable sources make our Norwegian salmon a product of responsible and sustainable aquaculture. This farmed Atlantic salmon's carbon footprint is lower than beef and pork, and all our farms are GLOBALG.A.P. accredited.

A Commitment Beyond Seafood

Recognising the environmental costs of shipping products, especially air freighting salmon from Europe, Greenfish has initiated a partnership with Greenpop, an ecological organisation. For every 10 boxes of salmon sold, a tree will be planted, thus aiding in the conservation and expansion of Gaansbaai's coastal ecosystem. This venture not only offsets carbon emissions but also rejuvenates biodiversity.

Local Challenges and Global Solutions

For years, Greenfish proudly offered the locally raised Ocean Trout as a sustainable alternative to imported salmon. However, nature's own – seals – found them irresistible, leading us to temporarily discontinue this offering.

In response, we've joined forces with a family-run importer who brings it in from Norway, renowned for its superior-grade, eco-friendly salmon. This partnership allows us to offer salmon that respects the environment and meets our exacting standards.

Making Informed Choices

With Greenfish, you're empowered with options. Whether you prefer fresh or frozen salmon, we provide both, ensuring each product reaches you in optimal condition, retaining its natural flavors and nutritional profile.

Our organic salmon adheres to DEBIO auditing and EU standards. The feed from MSC-certified sustainable fishery remnants, is regularly inspected, maintaining its organic veracity. Our salmon farms are not only licensed but prioritise environmental stewardship, emphasising salmon health and growth.

The Greenfish Promise

Every piece of salmon you receive from Greenfish carries with it a tale of ethical values and a love for the ocean as well as the life within it. By choosing us, you're not only opting for quality but making a conscious decision to support ethical practices and contribute to a healthier planet.

With every bite, you're not just savouring seafood but partaking in a legacy of oceanic love and environmental commitment.

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