Frozen Fish vs Fresh Fish: A Greenfish Insight

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The ocean waves crash against the shores, sending forth their bounty for us to enjoy. As you walk into our seafood shop, the gleaming display of fish, both fresh and frozen, evokes curiosity. What's the difference? Which is better? Is fresh fish superior to frozen? At Greenfish, we dive deep into these questions, challenging the preconceived notions around frozen fish.

The Myth of Freshness

One of the most common misconceptions is that fresh fish is synonymous with high quality, while frozen is subpar. The reality couldn't be farther from this notion. Freshness isn't necessarily a measure of the time since the fish was caught but rather the quality and care taken during its handling and storage.

Frozen at Source

When we think of freezing, the process might evoke images of your domestic freezer. But, in the seafood industry, fish are frozen using advanced methods that lock in the freshness. Immediate freezing, right after the catch, ensures that the fish retains its nutritional content, texture, and flavour. Methods like flash-freezing plunge the fish into extremely low temperatures rapidly, minimising ice crystal formation and maintaining the integrity of the fish.

Transparency and Traceability: The Greenfish Way

At Greenfish, our commitment has always been towards quality, traceability, and transparency. We catch where possible and when it comes to frozen fish, we ensure the same diligence. Whether it's a local handline fisherman's catch or an imported delicacy, our products are traceable directly to their origin. We stand against the use of harmful CO2 or chemical treatments that degrade the quality of seafood.

The Freshness Promise

When you buy frozen fish from Greenfish, what you're essentially getting is fish that was fresh at the point of freezing. The freezing process, if done correctly, can act like a pause button, ensuring the fish you thaw and cook is as fresh as the day it was caught.

Artisanal Fishing and Frozen Fish

Our passion for artisanal style fishing, especially by traditional handline fishermen, is well known. The limitations of this method - with one line and one hook per fisherman - mean that there are days when the catch might be lower than expected. To ensure that these catches reach consumers while still fresh, freezing becomes a crucial part of the process. This way, the commitment to sustainable and responsible fishing doesn't have to mean a compromise on quality.

Closing Thoughts

Greenfish was birthed from a love for the oceans and the treasures they hold. From my days on the West Coast to starting Greenfish from my driveway, the journey has always been about quality, care, and commitment. Be it fresh fish or frozen fish, our aim remains the same - to provide you with the best seafood, filled with flavours of the ocean.

Frozen doesn't mean second-best; it's simply another method to ensure that when you sit down for a meal, the fish on your plate is as fresh and delectable as it can be. We at Greenfish are here to redefine your seafood experience, one fish at a time.

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