Catch of the Day #053

Ryan Nienaber

Last Thursday was a very special day. We were aware that the weather conditions weren’t great to produce fish catches, but we didn’t want to take any chances and decided to go out to sea and see if we could catch some fish. We brought along Mom, who is 68 years old. Mom has always been fortunate enough to be a part of all the fishing adventures that my brothers Andrew and I, have embarked on over the years.


We set off early and headed towards Cape Point, passing Bellows Rock and South West Reef along the way underneath the beauty of Cape Point light house and a stunning sun rise. Eventually, we came across Rocky Bank where we found some beautiful Yellowtail. To our delight, Mom managed to catch her very own Yellowtail all by herself. She caught the biggest fish of the day, demonstrating her skills to us younger folks. It’s always a tremendous privilege to spend the day with my mother, engaging in an activity that I absolutely love and enjoy. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for her to witness the breathtaking marine life that the Cape has to offer.



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