Catch of the Day #054

Ryan Nienaber

25 July 2023


Cold days and cold waters have made fishing particularly challenging the last few weeks.

We have spent time at Cape Point and up the West Coast off St. Helena Bay chasing a few winter yellowtail.


As we approach spring, we hope for better weather days, allowing us more hours to search for fish. Our teams of fishermen are out in Struisbaai today, so we hope for some catches to add some variety and a dash of color to our store.


Recently, while up at St. Helena Bay loading some fresh yellowtail, I met a very interesting gentleman named "Pitte" - a fisherman of over 30 years. Only one snoek had come into the harbor amongst the yellowtail from all the boats that day, and he allowed me to film him "vlekking" the snoek. It reinforced how these coastal communities rely on the ocean and how we should all be doing our bit to fight plastic pollution.

Today, I received a photo via email from a Greenfish Home Chef Loraine of a paella dish she created. All I can say is that the meal was fit for a king.


 We would love you to snap a photo and share your seafood creations with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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