Let's Spice Up Your Ramadan with Fin-tastic Flavours!

Ryan Nienaber

We're diving deep into the spirit of celebration here at Greenfish, and this time, it's all about embracing the wonderful diversity of our amazing client family.

We invite you on a flavour-filled journey as we roll out the red carpet (or should we say, the ocean blue carpet?) for Ramadan! 

At Greenfish, we believe in celebrating all cultures, and this week, it's all about cherishing the beauty of Ramadan.  To make your festivities even more fin-tastic, we have a dazzling selection of Fish and prawn boxes, sourced with the utmost care using low-impact fishing methods. Because why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to breaking fast, right? 

So, why choose Greenfish for your Ramadan feast?

🐟 Freshness that's off the scales!

🌍 Sustainable and low-impact fishing methods.

🥳 A celebration-worthy variety of fish boxes.

💪 A healthy, delicious meal to fuel your festivities.

To add a splash of excitement, try our easy crispy batter for fish recipe here. https://youtu.be/hTWRdZX58LA?si=JyZRLGGogxxffWtA 

Cheers to a belly-full of joy and flavour,

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