Catch of the Day #052

Ryan Nienaber

The Cape of Storms is certainly living up to its name these past couple of weeks. Sea conditions have not been favourable for fishing, and we have seen 6m swells and 50 knot gale force winds recently. The north wester has been wreaking havoc and leaving destruction and flooding in its wake. But with all this strong weather there is a silver lining! Read about it in our latest blog where we discuss our record catches of yellowtail off Cape Point and what I think the El Nino affect has had on the Cape’s fishing.


You may notice that some days our offering is larger than others. We update the site daily with our best fresh fish. If we have caught it, you will see it online. Personally I see a certain romance in this; it's like arriving at your own secret fishing spot not knowing what you will catch today!


The good thing is that we are well prepared for the bad weather with our premium frozen portions and other frozen lines. These are cut and packaged the same day as they are caught to ensure the flavours and textures are retained. The individual wrap on each portion makes them easy to use when you need them. We have taken care of the mess; you take care of the rest. Become a home cook hero today by following our fishwife’s recipes to make beautiful and healthy seafood weekday meals.


Yours Truly


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