Catch of the Day #051

Ryan Nienaber

Winter Blues? Warm Up with Free Delivery and Discover Our Latest Blog Post about our Bluefin tuna catch!


Chilly mornings, strong seas and big fish. We had a very lucky and unusual catch last week. 2 Bluefin of over 100kg.


As a token of our commitment to delivering the freshest fish in Cape Town, we invite you to Read more about the catch Here and discover more about how these majestic fish are re appearing in Cape Town Here. It also highlights the efforts and challenges we face during the winter season to ensure that you always receive the highest quality seafood. We believe that staying transparent with our customers is crucial, and we want you to be aware of the dedication and care that goes into every order.


We can't wait to continue serving you as a part of the Greenfish family and bringing you the best seafood experience in Cape Town.


Yours Truly


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