Catch of the Day #037

Ryan Nienaber

Summer is here bringing hot days and strong south easterly wind. Snoek catches have been outstanding off Cape Point (watch video here) and the yellowtail is starting to show in good numbers, although still proving difficult to catch. Tuna is moving closer as the warm water pushes in and we are hoping they run throughout the summer season as they have traditionally done.

Some words from our "Catch a day on the water with Greenfish" competition winner:

“An amazingly authentic morning spent with the Greenfish crew. The day began at 4am as my son (7) and I made our way to the Millers Point slipway - getting into the water is an experience in itself, with a 1km queue of restless fishermen and their boats. The next 5 hours on the water were packed with stretches of fish finding, followed by frenzied activity when we came across the shoals and attempted to land them with the handlines. Looking at Cape Point from the ocean was one of many goosebump moments. I left feeling real gratitude both for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and for the incredible amount of work that goes into catching fish sustainably. I will never take that for granted again. Thank you legends from Greenfish.”

Greenfish is getting greener! We have installed a solar system at our factory in Ndabeni (Maitland). This will assist us in ensuring we are able to keep to our food safety standard and temperature requirements and ensuring that you, our loyal customers, are able to experience our same day delivery promise regardless of any load shedding.

Yours truly,

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