Catch of the Day #036

Ryan Nienaber

The arrival of the snoek in False Bay a couple of days ago has had all the traditional line fishermen in a frenzy.  Long queues to get boats on the water at the slipway has us leaving the house at 10pm to be able to launch the boat and be on the water at sunrise for when the snoek bites.

My brother and I have spent a few long days on the water but now have some of the best snoek Cape Town has to offer in stock.

Tomorrow’s future food stars.  A few students from the Silwood School of Cookery in Cape Town came for a master class in tuna this week in preparation for their exam that had tuna on the menu.  We focused on the 5 stages of grading a tuna, breaking down a tuna, the different cuts and how to use all components from nose to tail so nothing goes to waste in a practical workshop.

Yours truly

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