Catch of the Day #038

Ryan Nienaber

The last couple of weeks' worth of fishing have been incredible. It's been a celebration of our "ECO HEROES" with great catches of yellowfin tuna, yellowtail and silverfish. All these species are regarded to have healthy stock status and have been caught with one hook, one line – one fish at a time. This style of fishing is low intensity, has little to no by catch and no ghost fishing gear. It generates more jobs per ton harvested and supports our coastal fishing communities. For these reasons, these three species are all rated 5/5 on our very own Greenfish Eco Rating.

It's always great to remember and reflect on just how much our oceans provide for us.  As such, we celebrated World Fisheries Day on Monday (21st November). Greenfish went live on Instagram – in association with IPNLF (The International Pole and Line Foundation)  – to help create awareness. Watch our interview to learn more about "One-by-one", a method of fishing that safeguards our oceans for future generations.


Yours truly,

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