Catch of the Day #035

Ryan Nienaber

Spring is here and it is showing. The weather is getting warmer and the SE winds are starting to blow. The good weather fishing gaps are getting longer and allowing the sea to settle and for us to go looking for fresh fish.

Catches are small but the variety is here. We have fresh yellowtail coming in from the cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean around Dassen Island (which I believe to be the fattiest and tastiest). Silverfish, Red Roman, Red Stumpnose and Black Bream are being caught in the warmer waters of the Indian Ocean out of Struisbaai while supporting community based local handline Fisherman.

We are starting a series of landmarks from our fishing areas, in the form of a fridge magnet that we will place in your box for the month of September starting today.

The first location we are featuring is the new Cape Point Lighthouse.
Fun fact: There are two lighthouses at Cape Point only 700m apart. The old one is 162m higher than the new one in elevation. The reason for building the new one at a lower level is due to the cloud cover that happens on the top of the mountain rendering the old lighthouse obsolete.

Yours truly,

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