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The First Certified Organic Norwegian Salmon in Africa!

While our current Norwegian salmon is excellent and is coming from a certified farm that works closely with nature, they have also started a line of organic salmon. We are now pleased to bring you both options.

Both are a ~2kg fresh fillet and arrive at your door scaled and pin boned, ready for you to cook, sashimi or ceviche. If you would prefer your salmon in smaller, vacuum sealed portions, please leave us a note in the checkout section of your shopping cart.

What's the difference between regular and organic Norwegian Salmon?

For a salmon to be classified as organic, it must be farmed to the EU organic regulations and audited by DEBIO.  Organic salmon is fed with maritime feed made from offcuts from fish derived from MSC certified sustainable fisheries.  Salmon from Norway is raised in cold, clear, good quality waters in the fjords.  They grow at their own pace and reach 4-8kg in just 12-18 months.  Salmon from Norway has a pure fresh taste, with fat marbling and an attractive red-orange colouring.  High content of marine oils makes organic salmon a good source of EPA and DHA.


More info in our blogpost.


We've started planting trees

Both the regular and organic salmons we offer have a great environmental track record. However that only helps locally, in Norway. We still need to fly it over which represents significant carbon emission implications. To try and offset some of this impact, we're in an ongoing partnership with a local NGO, Greenpop. Together, we are planting one tree around the coastal fishing community of Gaansbaai for every 10 boxes of salmon fillets we sell.

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