Catch of the Day #012

Ryan Nienaber

We are in the height of tuna season. Tuna caught in Cape town in April and May are traditionally considered to be in the best condition of the year. Feeding on Prawn, Mantis Shrimp, Garfish, Flying Fish and hopefully our baited hooks we have out to catch them one fish at a time.


At time of catch all Tuna are prepared (dressed) and go directly into an ice slurry to bring down the core temperature to ensure quality for our sushi lovers. We are feeling the coldness of winter approach us, and as such the change of the season brings in a new cycle of fish.


We hope to have our winter West Coast Yellowtail start in June, and the likes of the red fish like Red Roman, Red Stumpnose, Silver Fish, Kob and Cape Salmon start biting in Struisbaai with the stronger swells and cooler waters.


Enjoy free delivery on any order placed before tomorrow 11am, delivered same-day.

Yours truly,

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