Dive into Delight: Perfecting Portion Sizes for Fish and Seafood

Ryan Nienaber

If you've ever found yourself pondering the perfect portion size for fish or seafood, you're not alone. Unlike the straightforward options you get with a steak at a restaurant, navigating the sea of choices can be a bit tricky. But fear not, we're here to help you navigate the waters and ensure your taste buds are swimming in delight!

White Fish Wonders

Let's start with the typical white fish, like the ever-popular yellowtail. At restaurants, you can expect portions ranging from 250g to 300g per person, hitting the sweet spot of the main meal size. Tuna, known for its versatility, shines at 200g - 250g per person for the perfect tuna steak, perfect for both steaks and sashimi lovers 5x30g for a main meal.

Top Tip: Greenfish loves to serve up a thick hand-cut tuna steak for your braai sessions – juicy and shareable!

Fish has a magical quality of not leaving you feeling weighed down, making it an excellent choice for those who want to avoid that post-meal nap. Norwegian salmon, rich and oily, dances around 200g per person. Butterfish, living up to its name, is another delight at 200g or less – just be cautious, it's so delicious that overindulging might lead to a happy food coma.

Sensational Squids and Scallops

Squid lovers, get ready for a treat! A restaurant starter of squid usually clocks in at 125g, while a main course can satisfy at 250g. Scallops, considered a seafood delicacy, come in smaller portions of three for starters, allowing you to savour the flavour without breaking the bank.

Foodie Insight: Scallops shine in entre-type settings, enhancing pasta dishes with their distinct taste of the sea.

Fish with a Bone to Pick

When it comes to fish with bones like sole or baby kingklip, you'll want to consider the bones in your portion. A variance of 300g to 450g per person is typical, ensuring you enjoy every bite without dodging bones. 

Pro Tip: For the extravagant taste of crayfish, a whole one weighing around 250g to 300g per person paired with sides is the way to go.

Traditional Treats and Delicate Delights

For those nostalgic fish and chips moments, Hake at around 250g is the go-to choice. Prawns and shellfish, on the other hand, are a bit trickier. Plan for approximately 300g per person, but beware – the deliciousness might tempt you to go overboard.

Seafood Harmony: Octopus and squid share the stage, ranging from 125g as a starter to 250g as a main course. And don't forget the smoked trout ribbons at 80g per person – a delightful addition to salads or starters!

So there you have it, seafood aficionados! Dive into these portion sizes, keep your taste buds happy, and savour the ocean's bounty. Whether you're grilling, frying, or enjoying a restaurant feast, knowing the perfect portion sizes ensures every meal is a splash of delight. Happy eating! 🐟🦐🦑

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