Get ready to dive into the ocean of excitement as we proudly unveil the sparkling gem in the world of low-impact seafood – the Greenfish Eva factory!

Ryan Nienaber

The energy is contagious as we gear up for the grand opening, complete with a ribbon-cutting ceremony featuring the City of Cape Town Mayoral Committee Member for Economic Growth, Alderman James Vos! Talk about making waves with official flair!

Our journey at Greenfish started as a childhood fishing adventure by the dynamic duo, Ryan and Andrew. These two sea-loving brothers, whose passion dates back to the age of 5, have now turned this venture into a powerhouse of fishing and over 60 years of combined experience! What started as a one-man show has now blossomed into a vibrant business with a team of 35 dedicated individuals.

Ryan, a local industry legend, has taken Greenfish to shores far and wide, supplying top-quality sushi to renowned restaurants worldwide. From local favourites to top 10 restaurants globally, Greenfish has left an indelible mark on taste buds everywhere.

The next thrilling chapter of Greenfish's journey unfolds with the dynamic partnership of Ryan and Soraya. With Soraya's incredible experience managing tuna factories in Indonesia and the Maldives, and Ryan's local expertise, they've birthed Greenfish Eva, with 'Eva' proudly standing for Extra Value Added.

Soraya's international flair mixed with Ryan's local magic is a recipe for conquering new global markets. And with international investment pouring in, Greenfish Eva is set to create 20 to 30 new permanent jobs, injecting a burst of vitality into the local economy and bringing international investment to South Africa.

At the heart of Greenfish Eva's mission beats a commitment to sustainability. We're not just about low-impact fishing; we're about adding significant value to every catch. The team is turning South African labour and skills into premium tuna products, ensuring that every fish contributes to the local economy.

Greenfish Eva is not just a business; it's a promise to honour and maximise the value of these magnificent tuna and seafood from the South African shores. Through a fusion of international techniques and local skills, we're crafting a variety of products, from juicy loins and savoury chunks to delightful poke bowls and retail-ready club packs. These treasures are destined for American supermarket shelves, bringing foreign currency back home and enriching the lives of our incredible Greenfish team and the fishing communities they support.

The opening of the Greenfish Eva factory is more than a celebration – it's a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. With a focus on quality, global reach, and responsible practices, Greenfish Eva is setting sail into a future that's not just bright but teeming with prosperity, where the gifts of the sea benefit communities and ecosystems alike. 

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