A Beautiful Tale of Friendship, Generosity, and a Grandfather's Dream

Ryan Nienaber

"A Beautiful Tale of Friendship, Generosity, and a Grandfather's Dream"

A decade ago, I found myself fishing at Breede River with a simple goal: catch some grunters. Little did I know, this outing would lead to a heartwarming journey that fulfilled a young man's dream.

Back then, in need of bait, I approached a small boat and met a kind old man who gave us a single worm. Surprisingly, that lone worm helped us catch three grunters – an unexpected success that still brings a smile to my face.

Fast forward to today, where we meet Storm, an amazing mom, and her son Jordan, who developed a love for fishing under the guidance of his grandfather. Unbeknownst to me, that kind old man from years ago turned out to be Storm's father, Gerald! It's a small world indeed.

As the years passed, Jordan's passion for fishing grew. His grandfather became his mentor, creating cherished memories along the shores of Witsand Breede River and on this day it was the one-year anniversary of his grandfather's passing.

To honour his grandfather's legacy, Jordan joined me for a day of tuna fishing. The adventure kicked off with an early morning boat ride and the thrill of a Marlin around the boat. The highlight, however, was Jordan's encounter with a 60 kg yellowfin tuna. With sheer determination and no harness, he battled the fish one-on-one, fulfilling his grandfather's dream and leaving us all in awe.

His day was made, but to add the cherry on the cake on running in we ran over a piece of snoek, we borrowed a couple hooks and a box of bait from another commercial boat and we were on.  

Jordan, showcasing his fishing skills, reeled in about 30 snook that afternoon into the evening – a delightful surprise and the perfect ending to a remarkable day.

Reflecting on this experience, I feel incredibly privileged to have played a part in making Jordan's dream come true. Moments like these, filled with friendship and generosity, remind us of the beauty in simple gestures. Here's to inspiring the next generation and passing on the love for fishing, ensuring a bright future for our oceans.



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