Catch of the Day #048

Ryan Nienaber

The colder mornings and the mix of fish coming out is an indication that our seasons are changing and winter is coming. The weather gaps to fish are becoming less and more unpredictable as the NW wind is starting to show.

 We have seen some silverfish, yellowtail, kob, and some red fish over the last week and expect these catches to start increasing as we move on into winter. Tuna season is here and our Greenfish home chefs are loving it! We expect the tuna to run until the end of May. Fresh kob available today, buy Kob here.

Fishing can be dangerous and we have just been reminded how real this is. On Friday 14 April 2023 a vessel fishing for hake off Cape Point ran into trouble after a fire broke out in their engine room. All crew where safely transferred to another vessel that saw the flames and came to assist.

(*greenfish standard delivery areas only)


Yours Truly


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