Catch of the Day #047

Ryan Nienaber

Tuna Season is here and we are in full swing with Cape Town showing off with its world class tuna fishery. April gives us the best quality tuna of the year, as they are very round healthy fish and at their fattiest. Fat = Flavour.

Meet Moosa, he joined the Greenfish Crew on our hand line fishing vessel AJ a couple of seasons ago. up in Lamberts bay while we were targeting snoek and has become a regular crew member. He has joined us on a number of tuna trips helping with the preparation techniques and tuna handling and has now just caught his first tuna on rod and reel. Well done Moosa.

What’s that piece missing on top of the tuna's head? It’s a Japanese technique called Ikejime. This involves the insertion of a spike into the hindbrain, followed by a thin wire that runs into the spinal column to prevent any further muscle movement. This stops the lactic acid build up in the meat. It is fast and considered the most humane method with the greatest respect given to the fish. The result is a higher quality of meat and fresher taste because the flavour and texture is preserved.


Yours truly


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