Catch of the Day #032

Ryan Nienaber

The onset of the colder weather has seen many Capetonians hide away from the elements. On the fishing front however things have been absolutely off the charts! We've seen incredible variety as the mix of seasons – hot and cold days – pass by.

This past week we've had an absolute record number of fresh fish options on the website – our widest range yet. Many of you have already taken this opportunity to try something new and exciting. Currently available – opah (also called "moonfish") is one of very few warm-blooded fish. They are great for sushi or on the grill. Their flesh is a unique, light pink/orange colour. The southern moonfish can grow up to 1.1m (~100kg) and live in the open ocean. Here's one from a few years ago. We also have fresh kob, swordfish, angel fish and many more. Finally, I'm really excited to share a new Greenfish competition - our most unique yet!

Yours truly,

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