Catch of the Day #033

Ryan Nienaber

It's clear from the cold fronts and storms that are upon us that winter is here. Fishing conditions have been tougher as weather gaps are very small at this time of the year.  We are heavily restricted by the size of our boats and the seas we can fish in. Tuna has slowed down and almost completely disappeared, but we have had some nice catches of snoek up the west coast. Struisbaai is producing some lovely variety each week of hand line fish, mainly silver fish, kob, cape salmon, red roman and some yellowtail. We are looking forward to our cold water winter yellowtail season to kick off any day now up the west coast, in my opinion these are the fattiest and most flavoursome yellowtail caught in the cape and a firm favourite of mine.


To limit our environmental impact, and to assist us to continue to uphold our high level of customer service and product quality during these times of uncertain power supply, we are excited to announce that our first solar panels are on the way!

Sole is highly regarded by chefs for its fine, buttery texture, easy filleting, and mild flavour, which gives it a lot of versatility in the kitchen. The delicate flavour means sole works beautifully with a wide variety of culinary styles and flavours. Our sole is caught by local fishermen off the coast of Mossel Bay on the south east coast.  

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