Catch of the Day #028

Ryan Nienaber

A flash in the pan... Or a start to an early season? 


In the more than two decades that we have been catching tuna I have not yet seen fresh tuna catches off Cape Point in February until  this year.

Traditionally the second half of our tuna season starts late March / early April.

Cape Point is a world-renowned tuna hotspot due to its geographical location. Warm waters spill down the east coast carrying the tuna and mix with the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the west coast - carrying the bait fish on which the tuna feed.



Pockets of this hot water break off and come close to shore, and that’s where we go fishing.

I’m not sure if it's Climate Change, new sea patterns or a once-off block of water that has has caused this event... but I am grateful. The fish are short and round, just what we look for, before they fatten up in April, giving us the best quality and tastiest tuna of the year.


Yours truly,

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