Catch of the Day #020 - Special Edition

Ryan Nienaber

Dear Greenfish community,

With your help we are raising money to give back to our beautiful ocean. The money raised will go towards fitting a tracker to our hero for this project, a sub-adult green turtle, who is currently receiving care at the Two Oceans Aquarium’s education foundation.

Turtles are an indicator species of the overall health of our oceans as they traverse a large area in the sea that is shared by many other marine species. If turtles are doing well, our oceans are doing well.  When they are in threat our oceans are in danger.

This tracker will achieve 2 main goals


  • Create awareness for the health of our oceans, making consumers aware of their impacts of plastics and how their small changes in daily living can make a difference.


  • Collect data for the scientific community and enable them to drive change and progress.


Every rand you donate will safely and securely go towards the turtle project at the Two Oceans Aquarium, with our goal to raise enough funds to buy a tracker for our currently UNNAMED green turtle.

Join us as we follow the story from the very start of this turtle’s rehabilitation until this turtle is roaming free in the ocean again. Together, we can raise awareness for this remarkable marine species and our oceans’ surrounding ecosystems.



Next steps:



1. Donate now


Head over to to make your contribution. Every little bit helps. You can donate straight away or add your donation to your cart and put it through with your usual Greenfish order.



2. Help us name the turtle


We have been given the privilege to name the turtle. Head over to this Instagram post and leave your name suggestion in a comment. The name will be picked next week, it might just be the>


3. Spread the word and follow the turtle on IG for updates


Forward this email, share the web page, share the YouTube video and dedicated Instagram account with your extended network.

Follow the turtle on IG (account will be renamed once the name is picked) for updates on its rehabilitation, release - and crucially - future live location updates via the tracker as it roams our planet's oceans.

Your truly,

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