Catch of the Day #018

Ryan Nienaber

Fishing is improving and the change of seasons is here. We have had our first few catches of yellowtail and snoek up the west coast near Dassen Island. The yellowtail are large, round and healthy. In my opinion, the west coast yellowtail are the best tasting as they are fattier and come out the cold water from the depths where they have been feeding on mantis shrimp and squid.

In Struisbaai, some catches of kob, silverfish, red roman and red-stumpnose have also started in earnest. Silverfish is a great ocean hero as they school up in big numbers on the reefs at this time of year and are caught on a single hook and line, just like all the other fish coming out of Struisbaai.

We have a new featured product on this week for the first time, black marlin. We introduced stripe marlin a few weeks ago to a very warm reception. Black marlin are the fastest swimmers of all the marlin species. Their taste similar but more pronounced than swordfish and tuna. Black marlin can be cooked as a steak but also does very well in a stew or in a curry. 


Yours truly,

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