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Ocean trout (unavailable)

This local hero has been well received by many of our happy customers... Unfortunately, the small-scale farming operator we are working with have been having some trouble. The seals in the area have found the trout so irresistible that they devised a cunning way to get inside the pens and have had a great feast. Sadly, due to this we don’t expect to have local ocean raised trout ready for home deliveries for the next few months.


Norwegian Salmon (NEW)

In order to bring you a similar experience to our ocean trout, we have partnered up with a salmon farm in Norway and will be flying in fresh Norwegian superior grade salmon every week.

Traditionally salmon farms have carried a poor reputation with regards to environmental impact, feed, antibiotics and by-products. This has been a major factor as to why Greenfish have not stocked the product previously. We are happy to say we have found a family run producer that believes in much the same things we do:

  • Spacious farming pens
  • No routine antibiotics
  • Sustainable, vegetable-based feed
  • Lower carbon footprint than beef and pork
  • GLOBALG.A.P. accredited

Full sustainability details in our blog post3% (12)

Salmon from Norway has a pure fresh taste, with fat marbling and an attractive red-orange colouring.

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