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Ryan Nienaber

Turbo Update 26 May 2023

In October 2022, Turbo came into our lives.  He/she quickly stole our hearts and we put together a fundraiser to rehabilitate and release him/her. 

With the generous support of the Greenfish Home Customers we also raised enough money to purchase a satellite tag for Turbo.  (read more https://greenfish.co.za/blogs/gf/the-fight-for-survival-turtles-facing-more-and-more-threats-from-plastic-filled-oceans )

Turbo is the first sub adult turtle to have received such tracker unit and the information gathered it vital.  Turtles are indicator species of the oceans health as they traverse from shore out into the deep blue.  When turtles do well it means our oceans are doing well.

Our zooty, powerful little Turbo has been actively exploring the western coastline of South Africa in his/her 161 days at sea.

 After Turbo’s release on 12 December 2022, Turbo moved northward, alternating his/her time between coastal waters and areas slightly further out at sea (the furthest was 340 kilometres offshore).

The northernmost point Turbo reached was Hondeklipbaai before slowly heading back down the coastline. Since December, Turbo has missioned 3 050 kilometres!

Turbo spent a good amount of the last month in the coastal Cape Peninsula waters. Turbo is currently enjoying waters that are 1000 metres deep and 18°C.

We cannot wait to see the adventures of Turbo in the future and where the tides may take him/her.




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