Organic Wild Caught Fish vs. Processed Foods - The benefits of eating healthy

Ryan Nienaber

Organic Wild Caught Fish vs. Processed Foods

In todays fast paced world its easy to succumb to convenience of processed foods.  They are fast, relatively cheap, and easy.  But what is one putting into their body when they eat these highly processed foods?

Wild caught fish from the ocean is as natural and organic now as it was hundreds of years ago.  There are many benefits of eating organic and opting for this natural and wholesome food source, from superior nutrition to the low impact it has on our environment.

With so many people distanced from where their food comes from eating wild caught local fish from Greenfish is as good as catching it yourself.

  1. Nutritional Value

Organic wild caught fish is a nutritional powerhouse.  It is an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals.  These essential nutrients play a vital role in promoting heart health, brain functionality and over all well being.  In contrast heavily processed foods are often laden with unhealthy fats, sodium added sugars and artificial preservatives.

  1. Antibiotic Free

Intensive farming methods of cattle and poultry often leads to the overuse of routine antibiotics to keep animals from getting sick in overcrowded spaces.  Besides the humanitarian aspect and cruelty to animals that can occur the residual effects of these antibiotics designed for animals can remain in the processed foods you eat and absorbed into your body.  Wild caught fish and venison share the same benefits of been raised the way nature intended, swimming against currents, or crossing mountains, feeding on what nature has provided the way nature have evolved to perfection.  At the end of the day if there is a sick fish in the wild it gets eaten by a shark or another predator as only the strongest healthiest survive giving you a cleaner and purer food source.

  1. Environmental Sustainability

Choosing organic wild caught fish caught with a low impact fishing method helps preserve out oceans and our delicate eco systems. Responsible fishing practices such as pole and line or hand line have an almost zero by catch (no turtles or dolphins etc…), does not destroy the habitat, has no risk of ghost fishing, is highly selective as it only targets a single species, is labour rich generating more jobs per ton of fish harvested, while empowering local ownership and heroing cultural fishing traditions all this ensures the long term viability of the fish populations that are harvested from.  On the other hand industrial fishing methods and heavily processed foods are often associated with deforestation, excessive water usage, and the release of green house gases, exacerbating environmental issues.

  1. Taste and Culinary Versatility

One of the joys of consuming organic wild caught fish is the incredible tase and culinary versatility it offers.  When fresh there is often very that needs to be done to get the wonderful taste of the ocean.  For me less is more and a dollop of butter and some salt and pepper is enough.  This is where the freshness and flavours of fresh wild caught fish outshines processed alternatives that are often treated with whiting agents and chemicals. 

In conclusion when it comes to making choices about our diet and what we want to put into our bodies, choosing an organic wild caught fish over processed foods brings a massive range of benefits.  From superior nutrition and the abundance of omega 3 fatty acids to reduced risk and a lower impact on our environment the advantages are undeniable. 

Eat the way nature intended, organic and wild caught.  Your body will thank you.  Make the positive change in your eating habits and reap the healthy rewards while enjoying a low impact lifestyle.

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