Catch of the Day #040

Ryan Nienaber

Between Neptune and Mother Nature we have been on our toes. Strong SE winds off Cape Agulhas have hampered fishing for our summer linefish out of Struisbaai. Cape Point has seen some great catches of fresh yellowtail and our summer tuna.

The power of change is with the consumer. Choose a fishing method that suits your ethos and beliefs. At Greenfish we support low impact fishing methods.

What is low impact fishing?

Low impact fishing is a type of fishing that aims to minimise the environmental impact of fishing activities. This can include practices such as catch and release of non-targeted species, the use of selective gear and fishing techniques, and the conservation of fish populations and habitats. The goal of low impact fishing is to ensure that fishing can continue to be a sustainable and responsible activity that does not harm the environment or the long-term viability of fish populations. Low impact fishing can also help to preserve the beauty and natural diversity of the marine environment, making it a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for fishermen and other ocean goers.

Hand line fishing, catching a single fish at a time is a great low impact method.  Find out more about catch methods.


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