Turbo's Turbocharged Adventure: A Journey of Resilience and Freedom! 🐢

Ryan Nienaber

Remember our little green warrior, Turbo, who embarked on a remarkable rehabilitation journey after being rescued on September 22, 2021, at De Hoop Nature Reserve? Well, buckle up, because Turbo is living up to his speedy name, and the updates are nothing short of spectacular!

Fundraiser Success: Making Waves of Change! 

Firstly, a massive shoutout to all the incredible supporters who rallied behind Turbo during our fundraiser. Your generosity made a significant impact on Turbo's rehabilitation, and we're excited to share the latest developments post his release.

Recovery and Release: Turbo's Triumph Over Adversity!

After overcoming the challenges of plastic ingestion, a common issue affecting many turtles at the Turtle Conservation Center (TCC), Turbo made a swift recovery. In December 2022, our resilient green hero was released off Cape Point alongside a cohort of loggerhead hatchlings. Talk about making a grand comeback!

Scientific Marvel: Turbo, the Trailblazing Sub-Adult! 

In a groundbreaking development, Turbo has not only become a symbol of resilience but also a scientific marvel! He is the first sub-adult turtle to carry a tracker, adding an extra layer of excitement for researchers. Traditionally, trackers were reserved for adults, but Turbo's pioneering journey is rewriting the rules and offering scientists unprecedented insights into the behaviour of sub-adult turtles.

🌏Turbo's Travels: 9,139 km of Sea-Spurred Adventure! 

In the 342 days since Turbo returned to the sea, he's been on a whirlwind adventure covering a jaw-dropping 9,139 km! That's like swimming from New York to London – and then some! Turbo has proven that not all those who wander are lost; sometimes, they're just exploring the vast wonders of the ocean.

West Coast Wonders: Turbo's Coastal Odyssey!

Turbo's journey took him on some proper West Coast Namaqua missions, exploring the pristine Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) of the West Coast National Park. From offshore loops to inland ventures at Hondeklipbaai, Turbo has been on a coastal escapade, hugging the shore, and reveling in the rich marine life.

A Straight Course to Namibia: Turbo's Northward Odyssey!

In the last five weeks, Turbo has charted a more direct course, heading north towards the warmer, calmer waters off the coast of Luderitz in southwestern Namibia. Currently, he's 170 km off the shoreline, savoring the beauty of the West Coast.

What's Next for Turbo? The Excitement Continues!

As Turbo continues his aquatic odyssey, we can't help but wonder what's next on his agenda. Will he explore new territories, encounter fellow sea creatures, or perhaps make a surprise detour? The anticipation is as high as the waves, and we can't wait to share more updates with our amazing Greenfish family!

Turbo's journey is not just a tale of one turtle but a testament to the indomitable spirit of nature and the power of collective support. Thank you for being a part of Turbo's Turbocharged Adventure. Stay tuned for more updates as our little green speedster continues to make waves and inspire us all.

Keep riding the tides of excitement, Greenfish family! Until the next update, stay ocean-hearted and Turbocharged! 🌊🐢✨

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