The Mystery of Pumpkin-Colored Swordfish: A Delight for Seafood Lovers!

Ryan Nienaber

Have you ever heard of pumpkin-coloured swordfish? Yup, you got it right – these rare beauties are a treat to see and taste!

So, why do some fish, like salmon and trout, have orange meat? It's all about the oil in their flesh that gives them those vibrant colours. But when it comes to swordfish, it gets even more fascinating. Some swordfish develop an orange tint in their flesh because they eat a lot of shrimp and other prey. These special swordfish are called pumpkin swordfish and are really sought after for their unique colour and flavour, which can fetch a high price.

When you're picking out a swordfish steak, what should you look for? First off, raw swordfish should have a beautiful swirl pattern in the meat and feel firm to the touch, with no signs of dull or discoloured skin. The cut surfaces should be shiny and smooth, promising a fresh and tasty meal. The raw meat itself can range from white to ivory to pinkish-orange, but once cooked, swordfish usually turns a lovely beige colour.

Some swordfish love to eat shrimp and other shellfish, as well as fish that eat the same diet. Because of this, the pigment carotenoid from these shellfish builds up in the swordfish's meat over time, giving it that appealing pinkish-orange tint that seafood lovers adore.

So, next time you're at the fish market or ordering seafood online, keep an eye out for these special pumpkin-coloured swordfish. They're not just a feast for the eyes – they promise a flavorful and unique dining experience that's sure to make your taste buds dance with joy!

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