Greenfish Eco Rating Scoring System

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In a time where the word sustainable is been used in so many contexts by so many people and large corporations it gets difficult to separate what is truly low impact vs destructive to our planet and oceans.

Transparency and the sharing of information to consumers is a way in which one can make a decision based on facts.

 We have come up with a Greenfish Eco Rating system that will share some information on your products so you can be empowered to make a choice that suits your beliefs.

Every item on our website receives a Greenfish Eco Rating to help our customers make their choice. Below you can find the criteria for this rating.

This scoring system, rated 1-5 will share information such as:

Ecosystem Impact:

This is the impact of the catch on the general ocean ecology. Here we look at the environmental status of the fish and the surrounding ecosystem.


How seafood is harvested is often as important as what it is. At the top of the rating is fish caught one at a time with a pole and hand line, and at the bottom is, well, bottom trawling.

Support Local Industry:

When we don’t catch the fish ourselves, we set out to find suppliers in local fishing industries to help provide jobs and opportunities.

Distance Travelled:

Even if you catch a fish yourself, it has a carbon footprint. This rating looks at how far the fish has travelled to get to your door.

Dolphin/Turtle Impact:

Dolphins, turtles, sharks, and seabirds. This rating looks at bycatch for the fishing method used to determine the chance of sensitive species being impacted.

Reproduction Potential:

Some fish have short life cycles and are thus more frequent spawners and less affected by fishing pressure. This rating looks at how resilient the population is.

With this information at your disposal the power shifts to the consumer in which they can make an educated choice of with product they wish to purchase.  This will ultimately drive market change as consumers forge the path of what they want in the market place.

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