First Yellowfin Tuna of the 2020 pole season (Starts October)

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Traditionally, tuna runs from October to June in Cape town. This year was the never-ending season and we kept catching bits and pieces throughout the winter months.

October is the official start of the pole season and we kicked ours off this week at Cape Point with some great yellowfin tuna. The tuna start down South around 40 nautical miles from Cape Point. In the beginning of the season they are often longer and thinner in appearance as they have migrated long distances. As the season progresses they start working North past in an area we call the Canyon, then past Hout Bay and eventually up North behind Dassen Island before they disappear. In this time they feed in our nutrient rich water that holds a lot of oily bait fish. Their body shape changes and they become rounder and fatter. April – May is traditionally when the tuna are the fattiest and best condition. Fat = flavour and this is when our local tuna taste the best.

Light those fires and get those coals ready, a fresh tuna steak is simply a click away.

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