Dive into the Depth of Taste with Greenfish Tuna in Cape Town

Welcome to Greenfish, where our passion for the sea translates into the most extraordinary tuna experience in Cape Town. Here, each tuna tells a story of sustainability, quality, and culinary delight.

The Art of Sustainable Tuna Fishing

At Greenfish, our journey with tuna begins with a respect for the ocean that has been part of our family’s heritage for over 60 years. As artisanal handline and tuna pole fishermen, founders Ryan and Andrew have instilled this deep reverence for the sea in every aspect of our business.

Pole-and-line fishing just 40 nautical miles off Cape Town’s picturesque coast, we engage in an environmentally responsible quest for the most delectable tuna. Our method ensures minimal impact on marine life, maintaining the delicate balance of our ocean’s ecosystem. Each tuna caught is a pledge to our commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Experience the Unmatched Quality of Our Tuna

Quality is the cornerstone of our offering. Our tuna is not just seafood; it's a culinary masterpiece. Hand-selected with precision, our tuna is a symbol of our devotion to offering only the best. The Ikejime technique, a respectful and traditional Japanese method, is employed to ensure that the quality of the tuna meat remains unparalleled.

Whether you prefer your tuna fresh or frozen, Greenfish promises a product that is unmatched in flavour and texture. Ideal for a variety of dishes, from classic sushi to a perfectly seared steak, our tuna is versatile enough to inspire any chef.

Tuna Recipes: A Culinary Journey

We believe in celebrating the flavours of the sea and invite you to explore our Tuna Recipes Blog. Here, you'll find an array of tuna recipes that will take your taste buds on a journey through the essence of Cape Town’s seas. Discover innovative ways to prepare and enjoy your Greenfish tuna, turning every meal into a special occasion.

Commitment to Transparency

Transparency is at the heart of Greenfish. We understand the importance of informed choices, which is why we offer full traceability for every fish we sell. Our Greenfish Eco Rating provides you with comprehensive details about the species, origin, and method of catch. This information ensures that you are not only enjoying the finest tuna but also supporting environmentally sound practices.

Shop the Best Tuna in Cape Town

When you choose Greenfish, you are not just selecting premium tuna; you are partaking in a promise – a promise to uphold sustainable practices, to cherish our oceans, and to bring the very best of the sea to your table.

Join us in this journey. Be part of a community that values quality, sustainability, and the stories that every Greenfish tuna has to tell. Shop with us and make every meal a testament to the beauty and bounty of Cape Town’s oceans.

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