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    In culinary circles, clams are prized for their subtle salty flavour and their ability to infuse this flavour into whatever they are cooked with. Our Mozambican clams are sourced from artisans who dig the clams from the mudflats by hand. These people have been harvesting and cleaning clams for generations using time tested methods. The clams are then frozen in Mozambique to lock in their salty flavour and then shipped to Greenfish.


    2kg Clams (50-55 pieces per 2kg)

    It is best to steam Clams, not boil them, for +-7 minutes. If some of the Clams do not open do not be alarmed the cold chain has been maintained since the time of harvest. The abductor muscle due to rigor mortis could have tensed up preventing the shell from opening up while steaming. Unless it does not smell right then they will be fine to consume.

  • Instructions

    Your whole Clams will arrive frozen, simply store in your freezer (up to 3 months) and use at your leisure. It is best to remove product from packaging to defrost (do not thaw under vacuum/pressure), simply place on a tray in your fridge and allow to thaw slowly.

    After harvesting they then go to the factory for cleaning and purging which is a 48 hour process whereby aerated water is pumped through the holding tanks to agitate and ensure they open up to rid themselves of sand and any other organisms. Any dead clams in this stage are discarded. This step is strictly monitored.

    It is best to steam Clams, not boil them, for +-7 minutes. If some of the Clams do not open do not be alarmed the cold chain has been maintained since the time of harvest. The abductor muscle due to rigor mortis could have tensed up preventing the shell from opening up while steaming. Unless it does not smell right then they will be fine to consume.

    Any special requests or instructions can be left in the NOTES section at the Checkout. Eg: Your doorbell does not work, you require a phone call before the order arrives, you would like the fillets / steaks vacuum packed seperately or cut into smaller portions etc.

  • Eco rating

    Collecting seafood by hand is one of the most sustainable fishing methods. Because each clam is selected by the harvester, there is no chance of bycatch and less harm done to the surrounding environment. Not only are our clams harvested using traditional, sustainable methods, but our support helps provide employment within the Mozambican clam industry.


    GEAR USED : Harvested by hand





  • Fishwife Recipes

    Linguini Clams

    We’re happy to share this delicious clam pasta from our partner site The Fishwife. You will need:

    • 2kg Greenfish Clams in Shells
    • 300g Linguine
    • 1/4 cup Olive Oil
    • 1/2 Tbsp Crushed Garlic
    • 1 cup White Wine
    • 1 Lemon (juiced)
    • 1 cup Heavy Cream
    • 3 Tbsp Chopped Parsley
    • Salt & Pepper


    1. Use a vegetable brush to give the clams a quick scrub under some fresh water, so as to remove any dirt or loose broken shell that could end up in your dish.
    2. Set clams aside for later.
    3. On the stove, cook the linguine in a pot of boiling water for approximately 7 minutes.
    4. While the linguine is cooking, add the olive oil and garlic to a large pan/skillet and on a medium high heat cook for roughly 1-2 minutes.
    5. Add the wine and lemon juice.
    6. Add the clams and allow them to steam in the wine broth for about 5 minutes.
    7. While the clams are steaming the pasta should be done. Remove from the pot and drain.
    8. Once the clams have finished steaming add the linguine and cream.
    9. Add the parsley, salt and pepper.
    10. Combine and allow to cook together for a minute and then remove from the stove and enjoy!
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          Penny B.
          South Africa

          Product not great

          The clams did not open during the cooking process despite defrosting in the fridge overnight. A waste of money

          Pam A.
          South Africa South Africa

          Frozen clams

          Had some clams last night. They clams were extremely small and very tough. Very disappointed as usually get superb fish etc from you.

          Gavin v.
          South Africa South Africa

          Quick turnaround and quality products

          5 stars. Friendy service and an amazing product. Will definitely use Greenfish in the future.

          Ana-Paula C.
          South Africa South Africa


          Very dissapointed. The majority of the clam stayed closed. Pointless order. I would remove it from your list as it reflects badly. Not sure why this is but see that others have had the same problem

          Matt M.
          South Africa South Africa

          First time

          Flipping awesome experience. Had some of your seafood with friends on a weekend away and we tried it out. Order was easy and delivery was fast. Well done. Love what your guys are doing. Go GREEN !!!

          South Africa South Africa

          Clams not opening

          Thisnis the first time I've ordered 2x portions of clams- what a disappointment of the 20 clams prepared and cooked only 5 opened, as my guests are over 50 years old could not see the clam up close to open the clam manually, so I threw the rest of the packet away, sadly I have another full packet of 2kg in the freezer, which I'm going to discard as well as I don't want to be embarrassed again Very disappointed

          Vanessa H.
          South Africa South Africa

          Packaging Needs to Be Re-looked

          Product delicious but if you call your company Green Fish, you can’t deliver it in mounds of polystyrene …



          Hi V. thank you for the mail. We are very aware of the impact we have, and have worked closely to reduce our plastic and poly box usage while conforming to all the food safety protocol. Boxes delivered in our own refrigerated vehicles are cardboard, and when we have busy days and need the use of a third party we have been using poly boxes. This is a practice we are phasing out, with a new system which has already begun and looks to be working very well. Thank you for your concerns, have a wonderful day :)

          Vicky P.
          South Africa South Africa


          Clams were delicious but unfortunately quite a few did not open!

          Di B.
          South Africa South Africa

          Giorgio Locatelli and Green Fish ’s Clams??

          …'Linguine alle Vongole’, for the real taste of the sea. No-brainer :)) Thanks GF for defrosting clams before delivery. I was able to use them immediately. Kept the defrost water in the bag, drained it through a coffee filter paper to remove any shell or sand bits, then added this water to the pot for cooking the pasta to enhance the flavour of the pasta. BTW, my friend Georgio recommends a quick 30 sec soak in cold salty water 'a la sea water’ to encourage the clams to spit out any sand. Easy to handle clams and totally yummy dish that salutes such beautiful clams!

          LIN S.
          South Africa South Africa

          very bad i fear. i googled them and then got terrified of eating them because frozen shellfish is lethal if not treated properly. i thought i was getting clam meat for some reason. i just love any wild food particularly shell fish but i made a dreadful mistake which i can ill afford being a pensioner. But i would try again if i didn't have to pay, the smaller ones are better i understand. i found some in a delicatessen i sometimes use but i am too bang to buy any more. But if you send me some i will cook them and i have a cookery column in the Daily Mail and if i live, i will write bout how to cook them. i wanted to make clam chowder.

          Di B.
          South Africa South Africa

          To chowder, or not to chowder..?

          Hi Greenfish :) Firstly, I was flabbergasted after ordering the frozen clams - with an image in my mind of the smaller variety - that they were so large. I was also shaky on how to defrost them… Thanks for having the ‘Help’ line, even on a weekend! I learnt that the best defrost method for any fish is to unpack and expose under a cool ar fan!! Who’d have guessed? Following my recipe for steaming them open, more than half didn’t open…! A big breath and 3 more minutes and the majority them opened. Ottelinghi says “…if they don’t open, drop them on the floor. They’ll get such a fright they’ll open. I made a ‘Pasta Vongole’, which is not so much about the clam meat, but the sauce they create while cooking - full of flavour of the sea, rich and creamy and very more-ish. Next time, 2kg’s! BTW, 1kg was a generous meal for 4 hungry peeps :))

          Theo H.
          South Africa South Africa

          Awesome clams

          Super fast delivery and by far the best clams we have ever had

          Alyssa D.
          South Africa South Africa

          Clam Box

          3rd time purchasing the clam box - so that says something! Great product and value, and wonderful service: ordered around 10h00 and received it the same day (before 5pm in the northern suburbs). Keep up the amazing work, my family's bellies thank you!

          Alan H.
          South Africa South Africa

          Nice Clams

          I made a very tasty soup this morning. The clams were delicious! Very tasty and high quality. I definitely consider purchasing this product again the the near future.

          Kelly G.
          South Africa South Africa

          Juicy delicious clams

          I ordered 3 packs of clams in the morning and they arrived early afternoon. I made Spaghettti vongole for dinner with a pack and a half and kept the rest in the freezer. These clams are the BOMB. Perfect, juicy with a good flavour. Delicious

          Vicky P.
          South Africa South Africa

          Excellent service and quality

          The clams and octopus were excellent - have not cooked calamari yet. Service was exactly as promised- will definitely buy again

          A Greenfish Customer
          Brendon G.
          South Africa South Africa

          Linguine Clams a must try

          Great service and super fast delivery. the clams were clean and tasted good. As this was my first time having clams and following the linguine clams recipe from I cannot be more satisfied with how it came out. A fantastic experience from order, delivery, to cooking and to the table.

          A Greenfish Customer
          Pam L.
          South Africa South Africa

          Amazing delivery as usual

          Next day delivery. Delivery person was so nice. Clams in superb connection and super fresh. Will not order fish or seafood from anywhere else.

          Nicola V.
          South Africa South Africa

          Clam delight!

          I love clams. The clams arrive frozen in a plastic bag, so an easy stash in the freezer. This is another mid week winner as it tastes delicious but is super quick and easy to make. I love making clam pasta with linguini. Just requires an onion, garlic, parsley and a lemon. Give it a try - I love dishes that are super simple and easy, but seem really fancy! A great way to incorporate non-red meat options into your weekly menu.

          A Greenfish Customer
          Pam L.
          South Africa South Africa

          Amazing service and quality

          Ordered on Greenfish for the first time, not only did I received exceptionally fast service, the quality of the clams were outstanding. Definitely will use greenfish again.

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