Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast
Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast
Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast
Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast
Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast

Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast

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This catch of the day features a box of Live Fresh Mussels.  These locally grown black mussels are great alternative to imported frozen mussels, as it supports local jobs and arrives at your door fresh and tasty.  You get the same great taste of the ocean with out taking a mussel from the sea.  We have carefully selected this for you to enjoy with your family or friends.

  • 1 x Box of live Black Mussels ( +_2.3-2.4kg per box)

This box is ideal for any mussel lover to add some variety into their week day cooking or on the braai. We have taken care of the mess, you look after the rest. Your mussels will arrive in a bag inside a polybox, to make it easy to use at home.  


What to do if you see an open mussel?

 If you picked them in the wild we would suggest discarding open ones, as you would not be sure on how long they have been dead for and what temperature fluctuations they have occurred.

 However for our farmed mussels, where you find one open, we refer to this as chilled, if the cold chain of supply has remained intact there should be no problem if steamed/cooked correctly. I always promote, listen to your nose. If it smells bad avoid/discard.  Mussels should smell like the ocean, light salty smell.

 Mussels are live/ still breathing when they are harvested and remain so for 3-4 days from harvest if handled correctly. When keeping them at home, remove from the plastic bag and allow them to breath, placing them in a bowl with a damp towel over them, do not let them be submerged in water. We check all mussels before dispatching them daily, and remove any that may look problematic/ broken shell/ open etc…

 Mussels are best with the “beard” removed, once pulling the beard out the mussel will die.  Remember to steam your mussels, do not submerge in a pot of water.  High temperature for a very short cooking time (4-7Minutes) is all you need.  Over cooking will lead them  to shrinking and only leaving a small film of meat against the shell.

 We suggest enjoying your mussels fresh.  However should something come up and you need to freeze them to use another day we suggest you lightly steam them first.

 A mussels “meat” never fills the entire void of the shell.  Around 30% of the volume in “meat”.  This however fluctuates due to seasons.  Winter months mussels are more plump with the colder waters.  In summer they thin out as they spawn.  Sometimes with spawning they can have an unfamiliar smell, simply rinse.

For easy recipes and more information on how to prepare the fish, please visit our partner site 

Notes/Special Requests:

When you check out there is a section for notes, here you can tell us if you have any special requests for the cutting of your fish.  This is also a great place to tell us if your door bell does not work or any other info you want to share with us to streamline getting you the freshest fish in town to your door quickly.

*please note the mussels are delivered with the beards on, as they come from the ocean.


Farm raised mussels.


R50.00 for all zoned areas 

CBD | Southern Suburbs | Houtbay | Plattekloof 

Delivery: Monday to Friday (Same Day Delivery)

  • Order before 11am and receive your delivery the same day.

  • Order after 11am and receive your delivery the following day.

Deep South | Tableview | Blouberg | Melkbos | Durbanville Stellenbosch | Somerset West | Franschhoek | Paarl | Surroundings

Delivery: Monday | Tuesday to Friday

  • Order before 3pm and receive your delivery the following day.

 *Please note we do not deliver on Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays.

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Flip D.
South Africa South Africa

Everything from ordering to delivery and quality of product was awesome!

Greenfish Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast Review
glen l.
South Africa South Africa

the black mussels had no meat all empty,wasted my good white wine garlic and milk and butter,advised them and they offered to replace sent a video as proof cooked and uncooked had no meat


We are combining our responses to Glen's order. Response 1 from Ryan: Good Morning Glen. We delivered on Friday, speedily and effectively to make the surprise for you fiancé happen. We got your sms at 18h58 the following evening (Saturday) and responded immediately (after hours) that we would look into it on Monday. This morning, it was our highest priority and one of our staff members called you and offered a replacement, while we looked in to the matter. I myself also tried to call you to see how we can assist and help you further. On investigation and tracking the shipment I can find no fault. My assumption is a combination of events, mainly that we are going into summer and the mussels are leaner now as they spawn, combined with a possibility of cooking for too long, which can cause mussels meat to shrink (assumption as I have not been able to contact you on the phone). In light of this we have extended to replace on next harvest, and even an interim measure some stock to get you by. Im sure for all the other orders you have received from us this is definitely not the norm. Im sure with half a bottle of wine in the sauce it was amazing :) regards Ryan Message 2 from Glen: First batch no mussel meat due to spawn season,replaced and asked to check prior..dissmal or no meat at all pics videos sent..i was a loyal customer-arrogant owner..refunded my money although i would have rather resolved and got the product i wanted and for the next customer...was advised to find an alternate supplier,i would rather not buy here again,id prefer to go to a retailer.. Response 2 from Ryan: Good Morning Mr Lotz. Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns on the phone this morning, although you did not want me to email you I feel its best to always have some course of paper trail of events. As discussed I am terrible sorry you have not had a pleasant experience with the mussels. It is not our intention to disappoint, however for the few times we have dropped the ball I and my team are always very pro active to give assistance and make sure that the customer does not feel unattended to and try rectify the situation. We are a small family run business and very hands on so know our products and every order that goes out. We have throughly investigated the matter, from farm, home testing and checking with other customers that received out of both batches that you got stock from. I cannot find fault with the stock you have received and will simply put it down to been unlucky. We have replaced the stock with a new batch , offered alternatives (the frozen half shell mussel) and stayed in constant communications with you, even on weekends and early mornings. As per your request kindly forward your banking details so we can refund you the R199.00 you are requesting. Please discard the mussels you are unhappy with. I trust this will close the matter, and sincerely hope you can find a supplier that can meet your mussel requirements. Thank you Regards Ryan

South Africa South Africa
Excellent mussels

I purchased and had these delivered the same day, and they were great. Fresh, super tasty and convenient.

glen l.
South Africa South Africa


Nikki B.
South Africa South Africa
First class product

Great thanks so much

Gerald E.
South Africa South Africa
Fresh Muscles

Fantastic fresh

Rui G.
South Africa South Africa

Hi Ryan, Thanks for the email, the service was great along with the Mussels . They were fresh and I was pleasantly surprised. We really enjoyed it and look forward to purchasing future seafood from you .

ErIta V.
South Africa South Africa

Excellent Ordering again this week

Greenfish Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast Review
Louise P.
South Africa South Africa
Black mussels

Beautifully fresh, and used the Mussel Pot recipe from fishwife !! Delicious. Thank you too for the efficient and prompt delivery . Definitely will order again !

Phyllis K.
South Africa South Africa
Freshly on time

Ordered the muscles at about 10 am they arrrived that afternoon. We had a wonderful family diner eating these sumptuous muscles enjoyed by granny, children and culinary adventurous grandchildren. Thank you Green Fish.

Marilyn M.
South Africa South Africa

Fantastic. So fresh, clean and plump. Ordered more

Fatgia A.
South Africa South Africa
Live mussels

I received my live mussels within a few hours of ordering it. The mussels was deliciously fresh, plump and juicy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Greenfish Live box | Black Mussels (2.4kg) | Farmed on the West Coast Review
Paul E.
South Africa South Africa

I ordered Fresh mussels wait very much impressed with the quality and freshness .The service was Excellent I recommend them at any given time

Phumlani M.
South Africa South Africa
Great service and marvellous products

Supporting small businesses has shown me that those who own and work them care and will go the extra mile to ensure a happy customer that will come back. This is why I absolutely enjoy the Greenfish experience.

Peter H.
South Africa South Africa
Fresher than fresh!

The mussels were so fresh and juicy and well packed when received. It was as if I had gone and picked them off the rocks myself. I could literally smell the sea. Made a mussel pot last night and it was delish. Really well worth it and I will definitely buy from Greenfish again. Can’t wait to try the soles.

Phillip S.
South Africa South Africa
Freshest mussels around

Fresh from the sea, well packaged and friendly delivery to doorstep. Ecstatic to have found Greenfish. Thank you Ryan.

Cathy G.
South Africa South Africa
black mussel perfection

Received my box of mussels, the entire box was put on the braai in a potjie with white wine etc and they were like eating heaven. So incredibly fresh and good. Never have we tasted such good mussels. Better than any restaurant and much much better than buying frozen from grocery stores. I loved taking off the beards, made me feel like i was part of the whole experience. Absolutely amazing. So happy i found Greenfish , thanks Ryan

Andre N.
South Africa South Africa
Fresh tuna and mussels

Great service and the freshest products. Will definately order again!

Ilana v.
South Africa South Africa
Amazing service and gorgeous produce

We ordered the live box of mussels and the Stumpnose and it was so so fresh and delivered on the same day. This is something we have been looking for for some time and this is the first company that has provided what we wanted. Thank you for the most delicious and fresh seafood. We will be ordering from you again and will recommend you to all our friends

Ismail K.
South Africa South Africa
Fresh and tasty

Fresh and tasty