Looking for your fish supplier in Cape Town? Let us be your go to!

Looking for your fish supplier in Cape Town? Let us be your go to!

 Our family run operation is experienced in all facets of the trade, both on and off the water. We have a hands-on approach and are in tune with the ocean and the best fresh fish in Cape Town.

 The majority of the fish we receive is handled from start to finish by our skilled staff members. We process and cut each order by hand, giving each fresh fish the care and attention it deserves.

 With our signature range of fresh hand-line caught fish and pole caught fresh tuna, we give you access to Cape Town’s finest seafood.  Our fresh line fish is delivered straight from our boats to your door.  Our online seafood deli is updated daily as the catches land in the harbour, ensuring your orders are always fresh and based on seasonal supply.

 We are also very proud to be the first supplier to offer organic salmon in Cape Town.  This is flown in weekly from Norway, and forms part of our carbon offset program where we plant a tree for every 10 salmon boxes sold.

 Fresh catches include :

  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Yellowtail
  • Red Roman
  • Red Stumpnose
  • Silver fish (carpenter fish)
  • Black Bream (hottentot)
  • Swordfish
  • Angel Fish
  • Monk Fish (Monk tails)
  • Cape Salmon (geelbek)
  • Deep Water Cape Hake
  • Kingklip
  • Kob (kabeljou/ cob)
  • Organic Norwegian Salmon

 For our live and aquaculture range we have partnered with farms up the west coast and in Hermanus and Gaansbaai.  Here we work with farms that support the communities surrounding them.  Live west coast oysters and mussels are picked twice a week and we have special live tanks onsite to store them, ensuring freshness.  We are proud to be the first supplier to reintroduce live abalone back to the public, with our cultivated abalone “perlemoen” from Hermanus after a very long absence from the home dining table.

 Frozen fish in Cape Town is something you need to keep your eye on and trust your fish supplier with.  Not all frozen products are equal.  Many suppliers import cheaper alternatives that are similar to our local product and sell them under the same name.  Our wild caught local yellowtail is often compared price wise against the imported frozen farmed yellowtail which sells at a fraction of the price.  The same could be said for kingklip and the imported cousin Ling from New Zealand.

 We offer a specialty shellfish section that covers you from scallops, clams, mussels, langoustines, crayfish, lobsters and even some of the best prawns in Cape Town.

Whatever your seafood needs may be let, us become your chosen fish supplier in Cape Town. 



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